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【フリーズドライ】赤ブドウ(種なし) ー Freeze Dried Red Seedless Grapes (34g)


–1.2 oz (34 g)

– freeze dry

–No sugar added & no antioxidants used

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Product Description

often see the word “Unsulfured” in the packaging of organic dried fruits sold in the United States .

The meaning of this word is
literally “sulfurized” in Japanese, but it is
a process used as an oxidative preservative or desiccant to extend the expiration date.

Certainly, it prevents the growth of bacteria and
has a long-lasting expiration date, but
this may cause illness or
allergic reactions!

Therefore, we would like to introduce freeze-dried red grapes (seedless)
that do not use any UNSULFURED chemicals

If it is not UNSULFURED, the
color will not be good and it will look bad, but
if you eat this, the
natural sweetness that is different from ordinary dried fruits will spread slowly in your mouth
and you can enjoy the sweetness and sourness of the grape itself. !!

Trader Joe’s
freeze-dried red grapes are
sugar-free and have a
zip lock on the top of the bag for easy moisture protection!

It’s gluten-free and nut-free, so
it’s recommended as a snack for children who are allergic to it.


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